Choo Choo Bar

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Choo Choo Bar Licorice 20g, Raspberry also available ūüíĖ
A Choo Choo Bar is a brittle toffee liquorice-flavoured confectionery bar popular famous in Australia.
Available in a 20 g  bar, packaged in a blue wrapper depicting an old steam train, ("The Choo Choo Funtime Express"), Choo Choo Bars were originally a Plaistowe product now made by Lagoon but made with the same wonderful flavour.
There is also a raspberry-flavoured Choo Choo Bar.
An iconic Australian product.  

Over the years a number of commercial products have so impacted upon the Australian consciousness, developing their own mythology and lore, that it would be churlish to deny them status as part of Australia‚Äôs folklife. These include products such as¬†Vegemite¬†and Goanna Oil, and a spectrum of lollies ‚ÄĒ¬†Minties,¬†Jaffas, Choo Choo Bars. Each has its own place in the Australian ethos, and is widely cherished. The owners of these brand names hold in trust an important dimension of Australia‚Äôs heritage. (Committee of Inquiry into Folklife in Australia, 1987, p110 as on¬† )