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Treat Time in Inverloch VIC has the most amazing range of treats and sweets, USA and Canadian candy and soda pop, UK sweets like Bon Bons and Army Navy, Dutch awesomeness like Double Zoute, Droste, salty and sweet.  No Treat Time did not forget the Kiwis, New Zealand treats include Chocolate Fish, Buzz Bars, Eskimos, L&P and yes the Kiwi Honeycomb or Hokey Pokey seriously rocks.  Want to shop a bit more local, we have an awesome range of Australian Made goodness, with the majority of the chocolate panned and coated lines all made in Melbourne, the hard rock or boiled lollies also Australian Made, and not only Australian made but really really really yummmmmmyyy.

 And the soft drinks, or soda, or soda pop, or bubbly or whatever you want to call it, Treat Time works really hard to keep an amazing collection!  Available instore but can be ordered by phone for local delivery.

Did I mention the Hershey's? Reeses? Jolly Rancher? and a really impressive range of American candy.  At Treat Time we regularly hear "Wow this is the best candy shop EVER"!

 And incase you wanted to know...we also have lots of the golden oldies, the longtime favourites, the hard to find sweets from your childhood...Big Boss Cigars (opps not anymore now Big Boss Caramel!), Fads, Ovalteenies, Chokito, Sherbet Bombs, Wizz Fizz and lots more.

Super Sour your style? TNT, Warheads, Cosmic craziness, well Treat Time has Inverloch set to blow the mind with super sour treats.  

And hard boiled candy or rock candy, whatever you want to call it, Treat Time has lots (and I mean Lots) of flavours available! Watermelon, Raspberry Drops, Sars, Aniseed, Humbugs, Kiwi, Lemon, Butterscotch, Sherbet, Sour, Rosey Apple, Umbrella Pop, Grape, Blueberry, Bubblegum....

Oh and talking of Bubblegum, Treat Time @ Inverloch has a really cool range of bubblegum, from unusual flavors of Hubba Bubba to Gold Nuggets, Gumball Machines, Big League, oh wow so much stuff.......